Our Founders

Trisha LowTrisha is a jack of all trades starting from a young age. She grew up training in gymnastics, dance and tae kwon do, and in college transitioned to Muay Thai and boxing as an outlet for stress relief. After law school, she took her first aerial class and her passion for dance, movement and expression was immediately reignited. She began taking bodyART® and Pilates classes to enhance her training by increasing her muscle control and body awareness. Over time, she realized the benefits of this training extended beyond the gym into the challenges of everyday life. When she’s not at The Resistance Movement, she spends her time training for and performing aerial acts, modeling for fitness, and blogging about activewear.

Brian McIlhinneyBrian’s relationship with fitness began early in life as well. Playing traditional sports such as basketball, soccer, track and field, and football, was all fun and games, but it was in high school when he found his true sports love on the rugby pitch. After 15 years of rugby, Brian sought out alternative methods of fitness to support his busy lifestyle. The benefits of bodyART® and Pilates helped him find a balance and undo the damage to his body caused by years of rugby.  His love for fitness and sports stretches far beyond the gym and field however. “I’m simply a better person to be around when I’ve gotten a couple good workouts in per week.” he says. It is this feeling that he is striving to share with others every day through The Resistance Movement.

Based on their years of experience as athletes and clients, The Resistance Movement is a collaboration of Brian’s experience with traditional strength and conditioning and Trisha’s non-traditional experience with aerial arts, dance and contortion. Infusing elements of Pilates, yoga, strength training and high-intensity cardio intervals, coupled with the addition of suspended resistance cords, The Resistance Movement creates long lean muscles, increases flexibility and transforms your body in a way other methods don’t.

Sharing with others has become a passion for both Trisha and Brian; a passion for working with people to achieve their goals, and a passion for helping them find personal growth. Through programs that work for men and women of all fitness levels, in a fun and friendly environment, the Resistance Movement team watches these passions come to life, as people achieve their fitness goals.


When fitness classes turn from redundant to fun, you stop HAVING to go to the gym, and start WANTING to go to the gym. Plus, with fitness programs designed for both men and women, couples can now work out together too. Having had the opportunity to learn from some of the top trainers in the fitness industry, Trisha and Brian love staying current by trying new workouts to determine which they will bring into the Studio.

They love meeting new people and learning about their backgrounds, stories and struggles — so much that you will also see them in class working out next to you or in the Studio talking to clients. If you see them around, say hi!