The Resistance Movement team is passionate about, and dedicated to, an environment where everyone feels welcome and confident they will receive an efficient and effective workout that helps them attain their personal fitness goals.

We approach group fitness with a focus on the elements of Strength, Stretch and Stamina. Our classes are designed to be scalable to your fitness level and are offered in small groups so instructors are able to give clients personalized attention and help them achieve their specific objectives.

Each class combines traditional movements from Pilates, yoga, strength training, and dance paired with suspended resistance cords to thoroughly engage your arms, legs, and core for a total body experience. The suspended resistance cords not only support proper technique, but they also enhance your performance for long-lasting results. Stretching sequences are integrated throughout to increase joint mobility and range of motion which will enhance athletic performance or the ease of tasks in everyday life.


Get Strong!

Take your favorite strength and conditioning moves out of the gym, and onto the MVe chair for an exciting new challenge.

Pulling in elements of Pilates and yoga, this hybrid class incorporates traditional strength and conditioning moves (lunges, push-ups, and crunches) with unique stretching sequences, and high intensity cardio intervals set to an energetic soundtrack that gets you pushing each muscle to carry out these moves.

The suspended resistance cords provide the confidence and stability needed to make Pilates approachable for beginners while enabling experienced practitioners to push a little harder and work multiple muscle groups and planes of movement. They also allow you to test your balance, coordination, and control by utilizing the cords and chair simultaneously.

If you are ready to reap the benefits of Pilates and yoga, with a twist, this strength and form focused class is for you!

If you are ready to get a strong core and proper posture to set the foundation for all your fitness and your life outside of the gym, this class is for you!


Get Moving!

Push your cardio training and muscle coordination to the extreme in this MVe chair class for a high-tempo, stamina burn!

Our Get Moving! class challenges you to stretch your body, exercise more fluidly, and maintain laser focus on performing every single exercise with complete muscular and breath control.

The high intensity-low impact cardio intervals, seamless transitions between movements, and exercises using suspended resistance cords create an intensely engaging workout that will have you breathless but wanting more! After all, the whole goal is to Get Moving!

Ready to step your Movement and stamina up a notch – or two?



Leave your inhibitions and shoes at the door for this action packed dance cardio party.

Challenge your balance and coordination, all while dancin’ your way into fitness!

In ResistDance, you will build your stamina and get a great stretch with fun cardio sequences, and great music – a fusion of ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, and other dance forms to increase cardio endurance while strengthening and lengthening the total body.

Accessible for all levels of fitness and dance experience, this class gives a total-body workout with an added challenge through suspended resistance cords, a concise Pilates mat and ballet barre sections, and a killer ab sequence that will leave you sore but exhilarated and ready for the dance floor!



If you think no equipment means an easier workout, you don’t know ResistMAT yet!

Far from your average Pilates mat class, you’ll be combining traditional mat exercises with high intensity, but low impact cardio for a twist you can’t Resist!

With an emphasis on building your core strength, this class also includes cardio intervals to challenge your stamina and stretch sequences to help your muscles recover.

ResistMAT is a fluid class that incorporates elements of Pilates, yoga, strength and conditioning and stretches paired with suspended resistance cords. Adding our suspended resistance cords to your hands or feet throughout this music-paced class allows you to enjoy your core strength exercises in a fun and focused new way!

Join us in ResistMAT to activate to your deep core muscles and increase muscle tone and flexibility to get strong and centered.



bodyART® is functional movement training that challenges your strength, flexibility and mental concentration.

bodyART® classes are performed barefoot with your body as your only equipment, relying on your breath to carry you through this action packed class.

Based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of Yin and Yang, which can be understood as passive and dynamic energy, bodyART® challenges you to equalize your powerful, dynamic energy with passive relaxation. This holistic, intense and rehabilitative experience creates a purposeful, powerful and lasting effect in your daily life.


Our Instructors

Kia Hill, Head Instructor and Creative Director

Kia Hill

“Support and compassion are even more important. The human being is not a being of perfection. It is a being of curiosity and color.  As a teacher, I aim to help others see the beauty of this world by first seeing the beauty that lies within. If we can learn to listen to ourselves, we can learn to listen to the rest of the world around us and understand how we relate to it.”

Teaching gives Kia the opportunity to not only share her experiences as a tool to benefit and aide in the growth process of her clients, but to also listen to others so she may understand the place and role she holds in their training. Through this understanding, she is able to better facilitate growth to help them reach their healthy lifestyle and fitness goals. Kia is the head of program development and creation, the lead instructor and she teaches all of the classes offered at The Resistance Movement.

“I teach because I understand the bravery it takes to even begin. I understand what it feels like to have someone see something in you, stand behind you when you fall, ready to get you back on your feet.  I also understand what it feels like to have nothing but your independence to stand on and support you.  To open yourself to training and education is to open yourself up to the world. This deserves to be recognized, supported, and praised. The roads we travel are not easy, but they make the growth of our wings worth every heartache and joy experienced. Sometimes we just need a spark to help us light the fire.”

Alina Fatieieva, Assistant Team Lead and Head of Studio Operations

Instructor Alina Fatieieva“A healthy lifestyle allows me to be in harmony with my body and mind. It influences how I feel every day, reduces stress and encourages creativity. When I exercise consistently I feel energized and refreshed.”

Alina pursues her passion of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity through teaching. She loves interacting with people and helping them to reach in their goals and watch their progress along the way. She shares her experiences and finds teaching is also a learning opportunity for herself. It provides her with an opportunity to improve her teaching and allows her to invent new ways to approach her clients to help them grow.

Alina teaches all of the classes offered at The Resistance Movement and challenges each participant to their maximum level. Just when you think an exercise couldn’t be harder, she invents ways – always with a smile on her face –  to take it to the next level. She says, “I like to motivate, encourage and get people outside of their comfort zone. I enjoy investing into individuals and creating a memorable journey toward reaching their goals.”

Alexa Lautenbach, Instructor

Alexa Lautenbach“Being able to let go and enjoy yourself is key to living a happy and healthy life.”

Alexa has always been a highly active person and couldn’t imagine life without some form of movement. It is through her years of experience as a dancer that Alexa has learned the true importance of self-care with movement that feels good to the mind, body and soul. Through teaching, Alexa is passionate about, and dedicated to, helping people release their insecurities through the power of movement.

Fitness and dance have always been a part of her life, a part that she couldn’t be more passionate about, and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to combine the two as an instructor of bodyART®, ResistDance, and the MVe chair classes.

Our Pricing

New Clients:
New to the Movement

3 classes: $39

  • Attend any class

Monthly-Unlimited Membership: $150

  • Attend any class, 1 per day

Existing Clients:
Rockin’ the Movement

Monthly-Unlimited Membership: $250

  • Attend any class, 1 per day

bodyART®, ResistMAT, ResistDance

  • $20 drop-in class
  • $95 for a 5 class pack ($19 per class)
  • $180 for a 10 class pack ($18 per class)
  • $240 for a 15 class pack ($16 per class)

Get Strong! and Get Moving!

  • $25 drop-in class
  • $120 for a 5 class pack ($24 per class)
  • $220 for a 10 class pack ($22 per class)

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