Take your favorite strength and conditioning moves out of the gym, and onto the MVe chair for an exciting new challenge! Reap the benefits of Pilates while breaking out of the reformer in this strength and form focused chair class!


Push your cardio training to the next level with the MVe chair by taking this high-tempo, stamina increasing burn class!


Leave your inhibitions and shoes at the door for this action-packed dance cardio party! Challenge your balance and coordination, all while dancin’ your way into fitness!


If you think no equipment means an easier workout, you don’t know ResistMAT yet! Far from your average Pilates mat class; you’ll be combining low impact cardio with high intensity with for a twist you can’t Resist!


bodyART® is functional movement training that balances strength, flexibility, and mental concentration. With your body as the only piece of equipment, you will be using breathing techniques to challenge your mind and body to reach its full potential in this action packed class.


We want to keep you Moving! This is why we approach group fitness in a new and fun way, while still being über effective! By focusing on the elements of Strength, Stretch and Stamina in each movement of every class, we teach and push you to take your workout further; all while taking the “work” out of working out. (Seriously, this is fun!)

Our classes fuse traditional Pilates, yoga, strength training, and dance movements with suspended resistance cords that thoroughly engage your arms, legs and core for a total body experience.

By taking a combination of our classes or focusing on just one class, you will benefit from a well-balanced workout, all while toning and lengthening your muscles, developing functional flexibility, and giving you the energy you need to get through your day.

RESIST no more! Are you ready to JOIN The Movement?

Trisha and BrianTHE FOUNDERS

The energy of this husband-wife team of Brian and Trisha is the driving force behind this truly unique workout that will change your body. Their passion and innovation enhanced by their desire to help others led to the creation of The Resistance Movement.

They developed the concepts behind The Resistance Movement while living in New York and experiencing everything the NYC fitness scene had to offer. The couple learned from and trained with some of the top trainers in the fitness industry, together with physical and occupational therapists and other health and wellness professionals. With their move to the Twin Cities, they are moving these experiences and bringing with them a boutique fitness studio that incorporates everything they learned and came to love.

The couple had a vision of turning traditional notions of Pilates upside down and creating a more energetic and fun Pilates studio. They also wanted to create a dance program that combines the small isometric movements in a barre class that causes your muscles to shake and quiver, with high-intensity dance cardio that puts the fun back into working out!

The Resistance Movement is the culmination of their years of experience in the fitness industry coupled with their passion and dedication to wellness.

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